CC Solicitors

CC Solicitors is a market leading firm based in Dublin providing specialist advice to organisations, businesses and employees on employment law matters.

The practice has a broad and in-depth knowledge of employment law, which means that, by engaging us, you will receive:

  • High quality and strategic advice
  • Practical and focused solutions
  • A fast paced service at a competitive rate

The firm provides an all round service to their clients on employment law issues that arise in the cycle of the employment relationship, from HR to restructuring of a business and litigation.

Colleen Cleary

Colleen Cleary

+353 1 905 8685

Maeve Griffin

Maeve Griffin

Trainee Solicitor
+353 1 905 8685.

Regan O’Driscoll

Regan O’Driscoll

Senior Solicitor
+353 1 905 8685.

Roisin Boyle

Roisin Boyle

+353 1 905 8685



We specialise in:

  • Drafting & revising employment contracts for both employees and employers
  • Advice on TUPE Regulations and outsourcing
  • Advice on reorganisations and collective redundancies
  • Advising employers and employee on discrimination issues, specifically gender, age and disability discrimination
  • Advising on internal investigations on disciplinary, whistleblowing and bullying and harassment in the workplace
  • Negotiation of exit packages for senior executives
  • Representing clients and conducting our own advocacy in unfair dismissal and discrimination claims
  • Defending and instigating injunctions in the High Court regarding termination of employment and restrictive covenants
  • Whistleblowing and protected disclosures
  • Personal injury actions for stress related injuries
  • Partnership disputes and exits
  • Industrial action and trade union recognition


Colleen advises on international outsourcing and restructuring issues and is involved in a European network of legal experts in gender equality and discrimination in relation to the potentially discriminatory effects of zero hour contracts.


  • Leading insurers
  • Private health care providers
  • Recruitment agencies
  • Trade Unions in retail and communications
  • Voluntary organisations
  • SMEs
  • Private individuals


English & Irish

Contact details:

CC Solicitors
10 Upper Pembroke Street
Dublin 2, Ireland

T. +353 1 9058685

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