Our values


Our members strive to provide our clients with services of the highest standards in employment and labour law and social security and to assist other Innangard members to do so through appropriate training and updates.



There are no exclusive relationships between Innangard member firms, which are all independent law firms. We are free (and indeed expected) to refer our clients and contacts to whichever firm is best for that client’s particular needs, whether the firm is an Innangard member or not. We are always happy to work with other firms which our clients prefer to instruct.

Where a client indicates that they wish to work with Innangard firms, we will refer the client to the member firm in the relevant country. However, if we consider that another non-member firm may be better placed to assist the client on a particular matter, we will make the appropriate recommendation to the client.

We do not pay fees in return for referrals between Innangard members.



All members are very active in Innangard. We meet regularly to discuss international employment law matters, to host webinars and seminars for clients and contacts, and to undergo internal training within Innangard in order to ensure consistency of quality and service delivery across our member firms.


A Learning Alliance

Members of Innangard strive to ensure improvements in the way we provide services and the way in which the alliance operates. This is achieved, amongst other things, by regular monitoring and evaluation of Innangard’s and its members’ achievements and of any issues which may arise, by the provision of appropriate feedback (subject to client confidentiality).



Membership of Innangard is by invitation only and is limited to one firm per country.



All Innangard members observe the highest standards of professionalism and ethical conduct, respecting the regulatory obligations of all members.

The members of Innangard are separate and independent law firms based around the world and there is no legal relationship between the firms or with Innangard. No Innangard member firm is responsible for the professional services performed by any other member firm. Innangard itself is not a partnership and does not provide any professional services, either in its own name or otherwise.

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